As a not-for-profit financial institution working to serve our members’ financial needs, Edison Credit Union provides affordable loan rates and flexible terms. Consult the charts below for our current rates, and contact us to learn more about how we can help you reach your goals!

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Vehicle Loan Rates

Cars, Trucks & SUVs

All rates given reflect Annual Percentage Rate*

Model Year TermRateConditions
2020 - 2017Up to 72 mo.As low as 2.88%
2020 - 2017Up to 96 mo.As low as 5.75%
2016 - 2013Up to 60 mo.As low as 3.88%
2016 - 2013Up to 72 mo.As low as 4.88%
2012 - 2011Up to 60 mo.As low as 7.75%
2010 - 2005Up to 36 mo.As low as 8.00%

All rates given reflect Annual Percentage Rate*

Model YearTermRateConditions
2020-2017Up to 60 mo.As low as 6.75%
2016-2013Up to 48 mo.As low as 7.75%
2012-2011Up to 36 mo.As low as 8.75%

Boats, Trailers, Campers & Recreational Equipment

Please contact us for competitive rates on boats, trailers, campers, wave runners, jet skis and other recreational equipment.


All rates given reflect Annual Percentage Rate*

Model YearTermRateConditions
2020-2017Up to 84 mo.As low as 6.75%
2016 - 2013Up to 72 mo.As low as 7.75%
2012 - 2011Up to 60 mo.As low as 8.75%

*Rates quoted are lowest available rates. Actual rates are subject to membership eligibility and creditworthiness. Rates are subject to change without notice. Please contact the credit union for current loan rates and loan details.

Please contact the credit union for current rates for personal loans, lines of credit, home loans and credit cards.

Savings & Investment Rates

When you’re looking for a secure option for basic savings, investment or even long-term planning, look to the credit union. We’re here to help you find the plan that fits your needs, plus we can provide excellent returns on your investment. Consult the chart below for current rates.

Rate Chart

All rates given reflect Annual Percentage Yield*

Account TypeRateAPYAccount Requirements
Savings0.10%0.10%Minimum account balance is $50
Christmas Club0.10%0.10%Minimum account balance $5.
Funds released Oct. 1.
Vacation Club0.10%0.10%Minimum account balance $5.
Funds released May 15.
Kids Club0.10%0.10%Minimum account balance $5.
New Attitudes0.10%0.10%Minimum account balance $50.
IRA0.15%0.15%Minimum account balance $5.
Coverdell Education Savings Account1.50%1.51% Minimum account balance $5.
Three-year term.
$2,000 maximum deposit per year.
Money Market Account0.15%0.15%Minimum balance $2,500. Max. 3 withdrawals/month.
6 Month CD0.20%0.20%Minimum balance $1,000
1 Year CD0.35%0.35%Minimum balance $1,000.
18 Month CD0.50%0.50%Minimum balance $1,000.
2 Year CD0.65%0.65%Minimum balance $1,000.
3 Year CD0.80%0.80%Minimum balance $1,000.

*All rates are subject to change without notice. Contact the credit union for complete details.

Your Funds Are Safe

Every dollar up to $250,000 you save at Edison Credit Union is fully insured by the National Credit Union Administration, a government agency.

Service Charges

Effective February 2, 2015

Archive Record Retrieval
Copy of Share Draft$5
Copy of Corporate Draft$5
Statement History (Computer Printout)$2
Statement (Statement Period)$5
Reconciliation of Account (Research Records)$25/Hr
ATM & Debit Card
Original Card & PINNo Charge
Card Replacement (Lost)$10 / $15
PIN Replacement$5
ATM Transactions
At Edison Credit Union ATMNo Charge
Withdrawals AT Other ATMs (First Four Free)$1 Ea. After 4
Balance Inquiries At Other ATMs (First Five Free)$1 Ea. After 5
Check Cashing
Members With $100 Share Balance, Active Checking Account, Or Loan in Good StandingNo charge
All Others$5/Check
Early Accounting Closing
New Account Closed Within Six Months$20
Christmas or Vacation Club Before Payout$10
Loan Fees – Consumer
Refinance Title Fee$16
Purchase Title Fee$2.50
UCC-1Financing Fee$17
Loan Fees – Real Estate
Third-Party Payoff Quote$20
Filing & Recording (Estimate)Kansas Mortgage Registration $100.00 (Est.)
Missouri Mortgage Registration $50.00 (Est.)
Release Deed$32
Subordination Fee$100
Money Order$1
Certified Check$3
Credit Union Check$1
Collection Fee$10
Legal Process Fee$25
Non-Member Notary Fee$2
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF)
NSF Of Deposited Item Third-Party$10
NSF OF Personal Deposited Item$28
NSF OF Automatic Pre-Authorized Withdrawal (Incl. Online Bill-Pay)$28
NSF OF Share-Draft$28
NSF OF Loan Payment$28
Overdraft Of ACH$28
Overdraft Check Paid (Incl. Online Bill-Pay)$28
Overdraft Transfer from Shares$5
Safe-Deposit Boxes
3 x 5$25/Year
3 x 10$35/Year
5 x 10$55/Year
10 x 10$80/Year
Key Deposit (refundable upon return of keys)$10
Safe Deposit Drilling Fee$175.00
Share Account Withdrawals
First Five/MonthNo Charge
Each Withdrawal After Five/Month$5
Money Market Withdrawals/Transfers
First Three/MonthNo Charge
Each Withdrawal AfterThree/Month$10
Statements Returned by Post Office
Returned With Change Of Address$1
Returned With No Address$5
Share-Draft/Request (Incl. Online Bill-Pay)$25
Share-Draft (Block of Drafts)$25
Pre-Authorized Automatic Withdrawals$25
Western Union Funds Transfer
International Up To $2,000$35
International Over $2,000$50
Wire Transfer Or Wire Service
Security Identification
Refusal To Enter Picture/Signature System$5/Teller Visit